PowerBI Training

  • What is PowerBI?

Power BI is BI solution by Microsoft where reports are visualized.By using this platform, they can design their own reports to end users, share these reports with other users and save them as files.

  • What does PowerBI do?

You can create easy to use data dashboards , understandable and easy to follow reports with impressive visuals. Power BI aims to visualize data in an effective,faster and understandable.So, Power BI makes it easier to interact with data and help you make business decisions with insightful reports.

  • Why PowerBI?

Power BI provides convenience in term easy to use interface,bassic data modeling,ETL process,report design,dashboard creation, cloud services, gateway installation.DAX and mobile application usability in BI solutions. It also helps non data scientist create ML and quickly gain insight from both structed and unstructed data, including text and images.

What you’ll learn:

  1. What is BI?
  2. Introduction to PowerBI and PowerBI setup
  3. Connecting to data sources
  4. Extract data from Excel
  5. Extract data from database
  6. Get a report
    1. Transform data
    1. Combine data from different sources
    1. Cleaning data
  7. Building data models
  8. Visualizing report
    1. Create simple visual
    1. Create slicer
    1. Create scatter, chart
    1. Create table and matix
    1. Create map visual
    1. Formatting images
  9. M query
    1. Pass parameters from outside to inside
    1. Take parameters Record to Table
  10. DAX and data modelling