Big Data

Big data can be described in terms of data management challenges that – due to constantly increasing volume, velocity and variety of data – that cannot be solved with traditional databases. Most famous concept known as “three V’s” of big data:

Volume: Ranges from terabytes to petabytes of data

Variety: Includes data from a wide range of sources and formats (e.g. web logs, social media interactions, ecommerce and online transactions, financial transactions, etc)

Velocity: Increasingly, businesses have stringent requirements from the time data is generated, to the time actionable insights are delivered to the users. Therefore, data needs to be collected, stored, processed, and analyzed within relatively short windows – ranging from daily to real-time

We know that most of the descriptions does not fit to everyday life problems and every use-case has it’s own specifications.

Our colleagues are Data Engineers and Platform Specialists, we are equipped with newest tech-stack and ready to deliver the best tailor cut solutions to your businesses.

We can help you with challenges like;

  • Designing real time data streaming pipelines
  • On-the-fly data processing
  • Designing batch processing models
  • Machine Learning Challenges
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Homogeneous or heterogeneous data replication