How to Install Oracle Client on windows

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Lots of application uses Oracle as a database. And first step of connecting an Oracle DB is install Oracle Client. In this blog I will show steps of installing and configuring Oracle Client 19C.

Step1. Download Client from Oracle website ;

Step2. Extract the files and install the client ;

Run as administor
Select Administrator
I use default value , Use Windows Built-in Account
Set oracle home location , I prefer default settings

A little patience
Last check for your settings
Start installation
And installation completed

Step3 : Configure Environment Variables .

There are 2 variables to set ; ORACLE_HOME and TNS_ADMIN.

Hit Advanced system settings , Environment Variables and create a new one

We configure oracle home at installation step 3/7 . You can also check installation step 5/7

After we set ORACLE_HOME , we should set TNS_ADMIN . TNS_ADMIN is for tnsnames.ora file.

And thats all. If you want to check environmental variables on windows you can use this syntax ;

Than you can use your favorite SQL Client or your application.

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