Check Point VPN on MacOS Error

Hi ,

Some of our customers using Checkpoint VPN through browser. It’s an old technology but there are companies that still using it.

With PC’s you can easily use java applets via Internet Explorer but if you using Mac you need a firefox browser and not an updated one.

Firefox not supporting java applets after version #52. So the max version for use is 52.0 ESR.

I recently upgrade my mac to BigSur (11.0.1) and update my java too. And open firefox and it was all blank page. There was complete nothing on my screen. So I tried v50 , but it is not working either. Lastly I used v 46.0.1 and it’s working.

I finally can see website for VPN and everything else but still can not access java.

So I used these steps ;

  • Go find “JavaAppletPlugin.plugin”
    • cd /Library/Internet Plug-Ins
  • Delete it
    • sudo rm -rf JavaAppletPlugin.plugin
  • And copy same location this one
  • Restart your browser , and its done.

Ps Probably you need to grant java form Peferences > Scurity & Privacy because .plugin file downloaded from web.

Thanks to my friend Ali for sharing this plugin file.