InfoSphere Optim Error: Client-Side OCI Error id=OCI_NO_DATA

Hi ,

At one of our customer we are using InfoSphere Optim to archive old records for GDPR.

We create a parent-child hierarchy model of their database model.We will archive 3 million policy and connected other data about it.

Today when we deleting archived data from database which is oracle 11.2 , we get error like below at process report;

Delete Process Errors
	Data Base Error Detected in DEBUG_CORE.xx.xxxxxx_xxxx_xx:
		Client-Side OCI Error id=OCI_NO_DATA

This was an unfamiliar error to me, and when I do my research I couldn’t find anything about it.

There was no error on archive request , but we can’t complete delete request successfully.

After some research on database found a trigger on this table and it was blocking our deleting process.

So when you get an error like this , you can check your triggers first.

By the way you might need a delete fine tuning ;

for get detailed info ;