IBM InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager Timeout Error

IBM InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager Timeout Error

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Recently two of our clients had same problem, time out error.

When we try to import metadata of databases that we will investigate about personel data GDPR vise , we couldn’t import any tables.

On a SQL Server via ODBC Connector ;

CDIMR3801E Error Occurred when attempting to browse bridge or connector data CDIMR007E. There was an error querying all tables in the <SCHEMA_NAME> schema.

On an Oracle 12C db via Oracle Native Connector.

CDIMR3790E An error occurred while importing data from bridge or connector(CAS/OracleConnector__11).

The solution is the same.

If you use a Windows server for IBM Information Server go to the installation path. Check if timeout parameter set or not. Then you set time out parameter , in this example I set it to 5 minutes which is 300 seconds. But if you import thousands of data you can set it 50 minutes.

C:\IBM\InformationServer\ASBServer\bin>iisAdmin.bat -display -key cas.agent.timeout

C:\IBM\InformationServer\ASBServer\bin>iisAdmin.bat -set -key cas.agent.timeout -value 300

C:\IBM\InformationServer\ASBServer\bin>iisAdmin.bat -display -key cas.agent.timeout

Be careful when you set parameters , I accidently delete once iisAdmin.bat file. If you do that you need to find same file from other installed information server instances.

for more information;

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