Using DataStage with Parameters

Hi ,

If you are an ETL Developer eventually you gonna need to use parameters.

You can use it incremental loading or deploying the jobs dev to test or dev to prod. In this scenario , we will use this for deploying advantages.

1- Creating the parameter set ;

In this ParameterSet we have 3 parameters ; Connection String , User Name , Password

In the Values tab you can set different values for this parameter set. Later , when we run the datastage job , prompt will show us for which value set we want to use.

This was the last step of creation of parameter set. Next we will add this parameter set to job that we will use.

2- Adding ParameterSet to DS Job

You can use it with clicking the button , or you can use with script

WHERE 1=1 
AND t.READING_TIME >= to_date(#Date_Parameters.SK_Start_Date_Parameter#,'YYYYMMDD')
AND t.READING_TIME <= to_date( #Date_Parameters.SK_End_Date_Parameter#,'YYYYMMDD' )

For more information ;