Big Data

Kafka Explained

Components of Kafka Producers: This component is responsible for forwarding messages to the related Kafka component. which is following component. Topics: This is where producers persist messages. Topics are responsible for storing data inside of Kafka. Consumers: When you want to read data from one or multiple topics consumers perform read operations from Topics. Consumer Groups: There is Consumer …

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HADOOP Ecosystem

Hadoop came into stage almost 15(13 actually) years ago, promising integrated data storage and multiprocessing infrastructure. With Hadoop, you can create clusters consists of multiple computers(servers) called nodes. Nodes can form a cluster together. In an Hadoop cluster, every node communicate with others to share their states and information. This communication ensures availability and consistency …

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Real Time User Activity Tracking w/ Divolte Collector and Kafka

This article is aiming to help Data Engineering professionals and other individuals which are with previous experience of software development and IT. If you don’t have any prior knowledge about IT and Big Data in general then this content may be hard for you to grasp. Table Of Contents: Idea Technologies to be used Building …

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